But Unethical Marketing Messages Work!

Clearly, I’m all in for marketing ethics. And yet, I can understand the argument that many marketers and business owners use to justify their unethical marketing practices. “But unethical marketing messages work!” they say.

Can Marketing Be Ethical?

Most people today believe that marketing is inherently evil, and I get it… Marketing doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. However, the question we’ll seek to answer in this post is not whether marketing is ethical in practice but whether marketing has the ability or potential to be ethical.

A Manifesto

I want to work with you, not for you. I want to understand and champion what you’re most passionate about. I firmly believe that a rising tide raises all ships. Your success is my success. Details matter. Adaptation is required.

The Beginning

For nearly 13 years, I’ve created content and copy for small businesses. Helping business owners find the right words to communicate with their customers is something that brings me great joy, and I consider myself lucky to make a living doing what I love.