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CML Garden Center


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CML Garden Center (2018)

Project Deliverables: Website
I Provided: Website design and development, photography

About This Project: CML Garden Center is a full-service nursery located in Brooksville, FL. In addition to selling plants and garden accessories, they also provide residential irrigation to ensure that your plants stay healthy and hydrated. When they inquired about a website just a few weeks before their grand opening, management had their hands full. Although they knew that they needed a website with plenty of photos to draw in new customers, the CML team was busy stocking and maintaining inventory, hiring, and getting everything onsite ready for the big day. There was no way they would have the time to take photos of products or build a website themselves. 

The best way I could help this new business get off the ground was to visit the garden center in person, take as many photos as possible, and get their website up and running on the Wix platform. Using their existing logo and color palette, I created a clean, multi-page site that put images of their beautiful plants and accessories front and center. The contact form receives regular inquiries from potential customers who are looking for specific products and services. Best of all, Wix makes it a breeze to customize and update the website at any time.

The Wix website builder is a great choice for small businesses who need a website that is economical, easy to manage, and visually appealing. Contact me for help creating a Wix website for your business today.

Website Platform: Wix