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Launching Your Success


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Project Deliverables: Website, email automation
I Provided: Website design and development, copywriting, email automation

About This Project: Launching Your Success (LYS) helps individuals, teams, and companies leverage the power of personal brands. Earlier in 2018, I designed and built a landing page for LYS. So when it was time to build out a new website for the company, I already had a feel for the brand personality. Given that LYS specializes in branding, the website I created for the company needed to be truly remarkable in order to legitimize the service offerings. After all, who wants to hire a branding company with subpar branding? 

Thankfully, the founder of LYS was prepared with plenty of ideas. We quickly established a vision for what the new website would look like; it would be playful and engaging while still delivering the critical information about her services that her clients would be looking for. Together, she and I determined the specific visual elements that would anchor the design. We collaborated to create the key messages for each service, and we found ways to keep the nine-page website fun and consumable for her audience.

Adding elements that would delight website visitors was the most enjoyable part of this project. I incorporated custom JavaScript to animate important page elements, such as the text descriptions for the three core service offerings on the home page. Clicking the rocket logo at the bottom of any page will launch you to the top. Many photos are tilted to embody the brand's quirky, off-kilter personality. There are even some photos that reveal hidden images when you hover over them. I encourage you to visit the Launching Your Success website and discover these elements for yourself!

Upon launching the website, the feedback was exactly what we were hoping for. Current and past clients raved about the clear and concise messaging. They felt that the website sincerely represented the founder's personality and her brand. Leads immediately began coming in through the contact and booking forms, and the founder was inspired to produce new content for her blog to re-engage with her email list. 

In addition to designing and developing the website, I also created automated email sequences for every form on the site, ensuring that every point of contact was branded and responsive. These auto-response emails incorporate playful form field responses as way of personalizing the messages. For example, when subscribing to the LYS blog, you are required to enter your favorite exclamation (e.g. "Yowzah!"). This phrase, along with your name, is then added to the subject line of your confirmation email: Yowzah, Kara! You're subscribed...

It is the small details that make brand interactions memorable and distinct. If you would like to explore ways to transform your own digital marketing into an experience that draws customers in, let's chat.

Website Platform: Wix
Email Automation: ActiveCampaign
Custom Coding: JavaScript (in Wix); CSS (in ActiveCampaign)