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Launching Your Success (Podfest 2018)


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Project Deliverables: Landing page, email automation
I Provided: Landing page design and development, copywriting, follow-up email automation

About This Project: Launching Your Success (LYS) helps individuals, teams, and companies leverage the power of personal brands. In early 2018, the founder of LYS was booked to speak at a podcasting conference in Orlando, FL. To make the most of this engagement, LYS needed to capture contact information from attendees when they were most interested in hearing more about personal branding. 

The landing page I created for LYS did just that. After attending the LYS breakout session, attendees were directed to the landing page. In exchange for a name, email address, and favorite donut, they were subscribed to LYS emails and received a free brand alignment worksheet to immediately help them with their podcast branding. Keeping the landing page simple allowed LYS to maximize subscriber signups. This is a great example of a focused, high-converting landing page!

In addition to the landing page, I created an automated email follow-up to confirm subscription and deliver the free brand alignment worksheet. The email incorporated a custom form field (favorite donut) that added personality and fun to the interaction. It was also a great way to make the automated response feel personal.

Crafting automated email sequences is one of my favorite things to do. It's a great way to make your customers feel important, and with the help of marketing automation applications, it has never been easier. If you would like to up your email game—maximizing your impact while reducing your workload—then let's work together!

Website Platform: Wix
Email Automation: ActiveCampaign