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PZ LAW FIRM (2018)

Project Deliverables: Website
I Provided: Website design and development, copy editing, content strategy

About This Project: PZ Law Firm, P.A. was founded in Orlando, FL by lawyer Paul Zeniewicz, Esq. The firm litigates property damage insurance claims, zealously advocating for small businesses, homeowners, and injured persons. When Mr. Zeniewicz first approached me, he knew that he wanted an uncomplicated website that would quickly convey the value he brings to his clients.

With this in mind, I created a one-page site that included client reviews and a simple contact form. A rich, distinct color palette served as a visual marker for the brand. The font selection combined Oswald (a narrow and efficient typeface) with Times New Roman (a classic typeface, embodying the archetypal style of legal documents). The website was up and running within days. It was the perfect starter site to help build brand awareness for the new firm.

Mr. Zeniewicz later requested an update to the website; PZ Law Firm had grown and added new associates. The website update needed to feature attorney profiles and provide an expandable foundation for future site updates. The revised website retains the visual branding of the original site while expanding upon the firm's team. It also now includes a blog, which delivers useful information to potential clients regarding insurance claims and property damage. In order to get the blog up and running, I provided keyword research and content strategy consultations.

I look forward to continuing to work with PZ Law Firm as they grow to include even more associates and services to better assist their clients with property damage claims. 

New businesses don't need overly complicated websites. They need a way for customers to find them! Allow me to help you get your new business off the ground with a simple and effective website: contact me here.

Website Platform: Wix